Robert DaalmeijerRobert Daalmeijer (1972) is self-taught. He started painting around his 20th year. In the beginning, especially objects weathered and faded objects from nature the subject of his still lifes. These topics are still beyond his work, among others accompanied by old dolls, bottles and cans.
Today he paints different themes, but his work is always recognizable both by style as by the use of color.
Occasionally man is also represented in his paintings, sometimes as frequently as portrait and only one eye (

Recognizable in his work is the stillness of the subject, a magical atmosphere and sometimes an undefined feeling; melancholy or uncomfortable. The spectator will not be bored!

Since 2000, Robert provides lessons in drawing and painting. Increasingly his pupils are going to art school after they have taken his classes.

In 2012 he became the owner of Gallery De Duig in Vlaardingen. This gallery shows monthly exhibitions with artwork of Dutch artists. Once a year there is an exhibition of work by art students of Robert.

Robert exhibits regularly in several galleries throughout the Netherlands.
His paintings are in the Netherlands and abroad and are included in several collections.