Robert DaalmeijerBefore you start viewing my work, please note that all photos of my work are indicative. It isn’t easy to make a good picture of a painting. Usually, colors change or details disappear.

A common remark is: “That painting looks like a photo!” A compliment? No definitely not! Just try to take a picture like I make a painting. The feeling I put into it can not be done by a camera. Maybe if you edit a photo using the computer that you will be a step in the right direction, but even then it is something totally different and that’s a good thing, for me and my colleagues!
Yes, there are photo realists who paint as if it were a picture, but personally I can not understand this. Why would you paint a picture of a picture? To me the important thing is that something happens in the subject of my painting, to the point where it almost comes alive. Something magical must happen to it. Something someone would walk by without paying any attention to it, but that same person could not ignore it any longer after I painted it.

If you want to see my paintings, please contact me or visit an exhibition where my paintings are displayed.

Robert Daalmeijer

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